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About Liam Leddy

In 2002 Liam Leddy’s GP advised him to take up a ‘hobby’. His obsession with reading, having been nurtured to a Higher English A at St Mungo’s Academy, pointed him towards the idea of writing. He began with a pen and a piece of paper and soon after produced his first short story. The next step was to upgrade to a typewriter which was purchased from a street market. He read constantly and rejoined his local library; while also attending other libraries. He felt that the time was right for the emergence of a new short story writer and at first focussed on the most renowned short story writers – Saki, Stephen King, James Lee Burke and a host of others. Liam does not feel that a person can be taught to write; he does believe, however, that you can teach someone to improve their writing skills. He enrolled in writing classes and purchased the Writers and Artists Yearbook which led to a deeper understanding of what it is to be a writer and how to accomplish that.

He was first picked up by and ebook publisher, Deunant Books. His short stories – by then collections – sold, and he became more established as a writer. He felt that he had proved both to himself and to others that he could actually write. He appeared in The Hamilton Advertiser and The Sunday Post as a local author, and on local Thistle Television as an up-and-coming writer. Before parting company with Deunant Books they published Body Language, his first novel which sold well. He continued to write short stories and joined The Society of Authors and The Writers Guild. As it proved more difficult to find funding and publication Liam decided to forge ahead and self-publish. He moved upwards with technology when a friend offered him his old computer. His stories continued to garner interest.

Liam has his own website and all his work to date can be found on Amazon and Lulu. His stories are available in hardback, paperback and ebook formats. They are also available in The Mitchell Library and South Lanarkshire Libraries who have given tremendous support to Liam.

Liam Leddy

  • Suspense, Thrillers
  • Twists & Turns

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