OUT NOW! New Paperback Edition Of Body Language

07-05-14 by Stephen Local News

I am proud to introduce the brand new edition of Body Language available in paperback from Author House. The book has been formatted by professional editors and finished off with a brand new cover design. Body Language is an ideal book for people looking for a unique Glasgow based crime thriller and with the book standing at 6x9 inches it is well suited as a compact holiday companion or as a thrilling escape on your work commute. The new edition is available for £15.69 on www.authorhouse.co.uk. Please see below for a small overview of Body Language.

Centring round a thirty year old Glasgow murder this novel introduces Lassiter a tough and extremely shrewd investigative reporter. An ex-gang member himself Lassiter has many friends on both sides of the law. Written largely in the tough, no nonsense language of the Glasgow streets Liam Leddy`s first novel takes us on a whirlwind tour of the life of Glasgow`s sixties underworld. Breathtaking twists and turns follow fast and furious. With an authentic and truly believable array of unforgettable characters it pulsates with a knowledge of all of the things the city of Glasgow is renowned for worldwide. Warm hearted , darkly humorous characters abound. Who are the morally right in this tale? Are the bad guys all bad? Are the good guys all good? Of course not. Grey areas abound in this stunning first novel. A page turner with surprises on almost each one of them it moves at breakneck speed until the final one gives a totally unforeseen final twist. Liam Leddy was born and raised in Glasgow and still lives there.