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Blantyre 60th Anniversary

Hi to all, just a short announcement here. On Wednesday the 8th of July the Blantyre Library has invited to me to celebrate in its 60th anniversary by bringing along my latest books for sale. The event will be held from 11am and is open to all who wish to come along.


Self Publishing Panel

I There has never been a better time to self-publish and why not come along and here from three veterans of the field: Liam Leddy, Robert Bramwell and William Johnston . Between them they have self published over XX books and they can give an .......



OUT NOW! New Paperback Edition Of Body Language

I am proud to introduce the brand new edition of Body Language available in paperback from Author House. The book has been formatted by professional editors and finished off with a brand new cover design. Body Language is an ideal book for people looking for a unique Glasgow based crime thriller and with the book standing at 6x9 inches it is well suited as a compact holiday companion or as a.......



Wonderful feedback from a fellow author

"I found it spot on Glasgow! The imagery in your words captured every aspect and district. The dark and dank streets that no one want to speak of. I especially loved the way you have captured the characters in every Glaswegian way possible. It was as if I was there, like a fly on the wall. The story is......."



Author Liam Leddy's 50-year dream celebrated at hometown library

If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again. This wonderful phrase and advice on life certainly applies to Lanarkshire author Liam Leddy. Liam, 63, has lived in Blantyre for over 40 years and has wanted to be an author since he was five. After retiring from a career selling steel, he bought a battered old typewriter in Glasgow's 'Paddy's Market' in 2002 and wrote stories he had been considering in his head for years. His first short story was published online in 2003 and he has gone on to publish six collections of short stories and two crime novels, Body Language and Bad Form.