25-04-14 by Stephen Local News

I recently had the pleasure of discussing my novel Body Language with Tom Watson who replied to my email with some very encouraging words.

He said: "Hi Liam, Sorry to make you wait. I have not been where I can get to a email. Been on a tour of signings for weeks now. As for Body Language... I found it spot on Glasgow! The imagery in your words captured every aspect and district.The dark and dank streets that no one want to speak of. I especially loved the way you have captured the characters in every Glaswegian way possible. It was as if I was there, like a fly on the wall. The story is brilliant. The intrigue is thick. I did not find one single thing that did not capture my full attention. I believe you nailed it! Well done and all I have is the first draft. You have rewritten it since? But this one is very good indeed. I want to see what you have done with the rewrite. Absolutely well done! All the best. Tom "

T.E Watson is an award winning children's author who is an advocate and evangelist for motivating and inspiring imagination in children and adults. You can find more information on Tom by visiting his website at tewatsononline.com